Vollrath 3902 Stainless Steel Optio 6 3/4 Qt. Sauce Pot with Cov
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Perfect for soups, beans, stews, sauces and pastas, this Vollrath / Lincoln 3902 6 3/4 qt. sauce pot has a wide bottom area that makes it ideal for simmering liquid recipes to perfection! Constructed of durable stainless steel with an aluminum clad bottom, this sauce pot attracts and distributes heat evenly and quickly and can be safely used on any type of stove! It won't pit, discolor, or transfer flavors. Plus, this pot is induction ready, optimizing your cooking experience. And because a sauce pot is shorter and wider than a stock pot, it's easy to work over in your crowded kitchen. This product also features a non-drip edge specially designed for optimal performance. Two loop handles are spot-welded on to enable easy transport and pouring, ensuring sturdiness and safety to your restaurant employees. This pot ships complete with a flat cover that helps retain moisture while also capturing heat, resulting in more efficient cooking. This induction stock pot's large radius corners help minimize waste and enable easy cleaning. Overall Dimensions: Top Diameter: 9 1/2" Height: 6 3/8" Gauge: 21 3902 From Vollrath

Vollrath 3902 Stainless Steel Optio 6 3/4 Qt. Sauce Pot with Cov

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