Flonase® Allergy Relief Spray - Fluticasone Propionate 120ct
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FLONASE provides 24-hour relief from nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing. It’s the only over-the-counter nasal spray indicated to relieve itchy and watery eyes. FLONASE outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.* It also helps block 6 allergic substances, while most pills only block 1.**

Footnote: *Total nasal symptom relief vs. 10 mg single-ingredient loratadine.
**Mechanism vs. most OTC allergy pills. FLONASE acts on multiple inflammatory substances (histamine, prostaglandins, cytokines, tryptases, chemokines, and leukotrienes). The exact number and precise mechanism are unknown.
Duration: 24 hours
Product Form: Spray
Suggested Age: 4 Years and Up
Primary Active Ingredient: Fluticasone propionate
Symptoms: Runny nose, congestion, itchy eyes, itchy nose, sneezing
Package Quantity: 1
Features: 24 hour relief, Non-drowsy

Flonase® Allergy Relief Spray - Fluticasone Propionate 120ct

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